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Take note: The tortured soul is presently useless after you combat him. Following defeating him, the party earns a gold rosary.

Well, I threw Ice P's fingers in the sea and after that dragged him too... Ice P started to wrestle slightly, but I plunged his head under the waves and swam back again to shore just in time to save the working day! Who: Trevor Finn

Observe: Character originally denied involvement but quickly admitted on the criminal offense. He experienced saved Otis from ruin by loaning him income and acquiring him a job at the fire brigade. When Otis started off dating Adelia, he turned his back on Billy, frequently disparaging him and investing his revenue to get gifts for Adelia.

Notice: Character claims this to Misery after the struggle Together with the Island Core; next the scene following the battle she gives the player her "Air Bubble" enabling him to breathe underwater and falls unconscious.

Note: Character is shot many times while in the chest whilst looking for a girlfriend in a healthcare facility in Eindhoven immediately after he went AWOL from the squad to look for her. He says this to Baker who explained to him his girlfriend was Secure (who The truth is was shot by German troops).

Notice: The 1st line is alleged in advance of she fires a rocket at Nick. The latter is alleged soon after she falls away from a window.

Notice: Character panicked when she saw Riaja escaping camp after preventing the brainwashing and just before completing the "future stage" software.

If the thing is Grasp Felix once more, I might such as you to give him a message from me. Notify him here that I...Baumren...owe a life time of pleasure completely to him. Farewell, and very good health on the journey. Who: Baumren

Note: Mentioned before he cuts his upper body open up along with his own observed and pulls his organs out. By all of it, he thinks zombie hallucinations are those killing him.

Notice: After remaining defeated by Nick Ramos and afterwards being attacked by a zombie, Kane says these very last words to Brad Park ahead of providing him the black box and shooting himself in The pinnacle.

Take note: Character believed that the globe was planning to finish if the Steampack succeeded and people acquired the opportunity to fly. Attempting to help you save humanity, he shot Orville that has a steam-powered shotgun. Judge Takakura sentenced him to fifteen years in a very psychiatric penitentiary.

Be aware: Character was an artist. After denying involvement while in the murder, Ellen admitted to bashing Jun's head with a jade vase. Jun had Formerly denied Ellen's adoption software as she considered her monetarily unstable, ruining the latter's dreams to generally be a mother.

Notice: Character revealed that Lawson was her idol and that she was in like with him. When she read Takakura accuse him of remaining a merciless monster, she claimed him to the Corps, but they were pressured to let him go. Having matters into her personal palms, she waited for him though he was going property from work and proceeded to bash his head continuously with a hammer right until he died.

Note: Character was a spouse for Hector Fernandez, who she kills. A couple of days back, when Aurelio (the Fernandez's baby boy) died, Hector lied to Absolutely everyone and explained that their residence was haunted and that it experienced killed their little one boy. A single evening, when Hector was drunk, he admitted to Gloria that he wasn't looking at Aurelio like he was alleged to, Which Aurelio was crawling across the dwelling, and unintentionally slipped and fell in the prime landing onto the stairs.

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